As an American student in Milan for the summer, no two days look quite the same. My summer here is spent exploring, meeting new people, and experiencing the rich Italian culture.  Here is my typical schedule on a Monday or Tuesday in Milan to give you a better sense of what living here for the summer is like for a student like me.

The Morning

7:00 On a Monday or Tuesday, this is the time I roll out of bed in the morning. I live in an international student residence hall called In-Domus Internazionale. Once I wake up, I begin getting ready for the day, choosing my best outfits (it is Milan, of course!) and grabbing a small bite of breakfast to eat (usually something like a banana or granola bar).

This is the lovely view from my dorm room. Even on a rainy day, I love looking through my window and enjoying the sights.


8:00 Then I head out the door and meet my friends in the lobby to travel to our classes together. Some days, if we have enough time, we will stop at our favorite spot near our residence hall for cappuccinos and croissants. My absolute favorite is the pistachio croissant, and the Nutella ones are a very popular choice, too!

My friends and I head to the IES Abroad center via the metro system. Our commute takes about 30-40 minutes in the morning, so we usually arrive a bit early for class.

9:00Class begins! On Monday’s and Wednesday’s, I have an introductory Italian language course and on Tuesday, I have my Internship seminar course. These courses are engaging learning opportunities which help us students adapt to the culture shocks we experience here in a new country and teach us how to communicate with the people of Milan, as well.

10:00This is when we typically get a short break from class. My classmates and I will usually cross the street and grab a cappuccino or espresso during this time. We may even grab croissants if we did not have time earlier. Then, we head back and continue our lessons for the day.



11:30 Once we finish at this time, we are all on our way to our internships! My schedule differs between my friends, but I go to work at 14:00 so now I have some time to spend. 

At this point in the day, I have time to do whatever I want! Some days I may walk around with friends and go shopping, others I may stay behind at the IES center and complete my homework. This time gap is completely open for whatever errands I may have, too, such as exchanging American cash for Euros or making a trip to the pharmacy.

14:00 Now it is time to head to work. Since my internship’s office closed during COVID-19, my group of fellow interns and I meet with our boss in different co-working spaces throughout the city. You can easily find many co-working spaces and cafes to work in during your stay!

18:00 After work, I am finished for the day! I will usually grab dinner with my friends, but everyday is not the same here and that is what is so fun about studying abroad!

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