When people think of Milan, they usually refer to the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall, the fashion, and the nightlife. But what if I told you that Milan is more than just a financial center and fashion powerhouse? What if I told you it has more to offer than you would think of? A place rich in history and culture, with paintings dating all the way back to the early Renaissance?

Located in Milan, inside the Brera Plaza, the Brera gallery or “Brera Pinacoteca” in Italian, is one of the primary public art galleries that house a varied collection of art and sculpture from the 13th century to the 20th. In the gallery, not only will you find famous paintings such as “The Kiss” by Francesco Hayez, “Lamentation of Christ” by Andrea Mantegna, and “Head of a Bull” by Pablo Picasso, but you also get to see the craftsmanship of frames, vases, and sculptures over the centuries. The building itself is built upon the remains of a 14th-century monastery of the Umiliati order and has been rebuilt as a plaza for the Brera Library, the Astronomic Observatory, the Botanical Garden, and the Brera Fine Art Academy (Accademia di Brera).


The location of this gallery is actually hidden in the northern part of Milan, where you can take the ATM metro’s Yellow line (M3) towards “San Donato” and get off at “Montenapoleone” (Assuming you are leaving from Centrale FS/Centrale Milano). After that it should take you 7 minutes to walk to the gallery.

When you see a small coffee shop named Bar Brera that’s located on the corner…the gallery should be next to you.  On either side of the streets, there are a lot of shops for you to explore after your gallery trip!

At Brera

At the gallery cafe, we ordered some fruit tarts, salmon avocado toast, tiny burgers, and of course, cappuccino.
Some beautiful sculptures to see as you walk toward the gallery.
They even showcase live art restoration inside the gallery.

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