Lake Maggiore is a beautiful getaway that is only a short train ride away from Milan. It’s known for its botanical gardens and is the second largest lake in Italy. Everywhere you look is a breathtaking view.

On this short trip, we visited three areas with a boat:

1. Isola Madre
2. Isola Bella
3. Stresa

Itinerary Guide

8:25 AM – Train leaves from Milano Centrale

9:30 AM – Arrive in Stresa

10:00 AM – Private boat leaves for Isola Madre

10:30 AM – Visit the island & botanical gardens

12:00 PM – Boat to Isola Dei Pescatori (Lunch)

2:00 PM – Boat Leaves for Isola Bella

2:15 PM – Visit Palazzo Borromeo and the Garden

4:30 PM – Boat to Stresa (Gelato)

5:23 PM – Train Leaves

6:37 PM – Train Arrives at Milano Centrale

The Train

Milano Centrale Station has a Burger King and other small cafes so you can easily grab a croissant and coffee before the ride. There is also a Starbucks nearby, so if you want an iced coffee that is one of the few places that has it. 

The train had chargers, and the seats were fairly comfortable. They didn’t check our train tickets, and I’ve heard they usually don’t.

Palazzo Borromeo


Palazzo Borromeo is a sightseeing destination you don’t want to miss. Built over four centuries on Isola Bella, this palace has timeless architecture and marvelous gardens. It features a unicorn statue at the top, a symbol of honor for the Borromeo family. It is filled with an opulent art collection and intricate details at every corner.  The scenic garden is full of unique vegetation and even some white peacocks, making it a great photography destination. Make sure to walk up the terrace for an incredible view of all of Isola Bella!

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