Milan has some of the best food and drinks in the world! Here is a beginner’s guide to some of our favorite spots to grab a panini, some authentic Italian food, an alcoholic drink, and more. Enjoy!


Panino Lab

This place has amazing breakfast sandwiches and paninis as well as very delicious burgers. More of a panini place but they make all types of drinks and the staff is really nice and speaks English as well. Definitely recommend going here.

Panini Giusto

This is another very good panini place that also serves wine and alcoholic drinks. This is a great place for good coffee and Tiramisu, so try those two if you end up going here.

Panini Durini

This is a little chain café around Milan with excellent paninis. The food is very delicious, although the menu is in Italian which makes it somewhat challenging to order as there are 40 different types of paninis that you can order. It’s also a great place to sit down and get work done.

Dal Politico

This is a food truck-style sandwich shop outside the castle. They have 30-40 different sandwich options with amazing reviews and friendly staff. The food has good portions and you can customize sandwiches if you would like. The menu is also in English and Italian.

Authentic Italian

Osteria Da Fortuna

Osteria Da Fortuna is an Italian restaurant that was created in 1921, and I highly recommend it. They make fresh ingredients and make their own pasta every single day. They don’t take reservations and are located in Milan and Rome. If you don’t show up early to this place be prepared to wait in a line.

La Gioia

This is a must-go as it is a very elegant restaurant with stunning seating and a great setting. The place has an amazing staff that is very knowledgeable about the food and wine selections. It has some of the best Italian food you can get in Milan. Some reviews say it was the best meal they have ever had. Make sure to get a reservation in advance.

Osteria Serafina

This is an excellent restaurant with a very nice interior with a vintage look to it. It is very charming and would be a great place for a date as it has a romantic atmosphere. It has amazing reviews, great food, and amazing experiences.

Pasta D’Autore

They have fabulous food with a friendly staff at a reasonable price. The people there are very attentive and make sure you have an enjoyable experience. I recommend trying out the pasta and the Bruschetta.


Bar Magenta

It is a nice bar that has a spectacular aperitivo. It’s not a huge bar but the staff is very attentive and nice. The menu is simple, but the food is fresh and delicious.

The Doping Bar

This place has one of the best ambiances in Milan because of the cozy furniture of the 50s. It is a super relaxing place with authentic vintage couches. They also have amazing drinks, although they are a bit expensive. It is more of a cocktail bar and lounge type of place, but they serve food there too.

Nottingham Forest

Check out Nottingham Forest for a unique drink in Milan with a nice authentic setting. The restaurant has a great bar where they make exotic cocktails, for a fun experience to go out with your friends.


Aperol is a pricey, but classic touristy bar that overlooks Duomo. It has an amazing view and good food, but usually, you need to wait for a table.

La Fontanella

If you like beer, this is the place for you. They have huge beer vases in crazy shapes like cannons and trains. Also, it is in a great spot near the canals.

Bar Basso

Bar Basso serves massive drinks for a decent price. It gets pretty packed here during design week and has a nice setting with good people.


This is a cocktail bar with amazing reviews. You need to make a reservation for a table, but sitting at the bar is an alternative. The bar has a vintage look to it and the aperitivo is delicious.

Bones Pub Milano

This is a British-style pub with a vast selection of many different beers and drinks. Their burgers are amazing as well. I would recommend getting the blue cheese burger. The staff there is super friendly and they have large TVs for sporting events and more.

Le Biciclette

Le Biciclette is a very classy bike restaurant that has a very cool bar and lots of options for delicious burgers and aperitivos. I highly recommend this place as it has affordable food, nice music, a good location, and amazing drinks.

Aesthetic Restaurants

Mag Cafe

This is one of the best sidewalk cafes in Navigli. They make outstanding cocktails and have double espressos with coffee from Barbers 1870 which isn’t found in many places. The service and food are very good, and the experience is one for the books.


This restaurant has an amazing ambiance with nice seating indoors and outdoors. It’s definitely one of those places where you can order more than one course. They offer a wide variety of drinks also. It’s somewhat expensive, but worth the experience.

Fonderie Milanesi

They have very nice outdoor seating with one of the best aperitivos. It has a beautiful setting with a good wine selection as well as friendly staff.

UpCycle Cafe

UpCycle is one of the few places in Milan that has free water and also very good food. You can go there to get work done from 12-3 and 6-9, but you can’t have your computers out. They have eggs and pancakes, which is unusual in Italy. The food is outstanding, although there aren’t many options for picky eaters.


Kobe5 (all-you-can-eat sushi for 24$) – this sushi is very delicious and affordable. Definitely worth a try if you are working with a budget.


TacoMaki is a Mexican/sushi place that has very delicious meals. The prices are around 10-15 euros and are open from 12-3 and then re-opens from 6:30 to 12 pm. I personally think it is high-quality food for a reasonable price.

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