There is no doubt that Milan is a culturally and historically rich city that is proud of its roots and proudly showcases them on display for the public and tourists alike to experience and learn from. The National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento is one of these cultural landmarks, dedicated to Milan’s role in the 19th century Italian unification. Milan was a major catalyst in the movement for Italian independence and unification against Austrian rule. The Milanese strikingly rebelled against Austrian rule, their heroic fight for independence noted in the Battle of Five Days. Following the retreat of Austrian rule, Milan quickly became a distinguished industrial centre coupled with strong manufacturing links.

Some of the artifacts and pieces available are paintings, sculptures, uniforms, vintage ornamental items, accompanied with videos and interactive tables with touchscreen surfaces. With approximately 2,550 exhibits available to the public, any visitor will be able to get a clear understanding of the events that led to the Italian unification.

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